How to Get Visitors To Your Blog: 4 Most Popular Sources

How to Get Visitors To Your Blog: 4 Most Popular Sources

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In this video, you’ll learn how to get visitors to your blog and the 4 most popular sources of traffic for beginners!

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1. Google – Most bloggers try to optimize their blog to rank in google’s search engine because it is a massive source of traffic.

The positives of picking Google as your main source of traffic are:
–Lots of traffic
–Very trusted source of traffic

The negatives of picking Google as your main source of traffic:
–Very competitive
–Can take awhile to rank

2. Facebook (mostly paid ads) – You can use Facebook to drive traffic to your pages through paid ads or small amounts of organic traffic. Facebook is also really good for “Facebook Groups,” where communities of people help each other out to reach their goals.

The positives of picking Facebook as your main source of traffic are:
–If you have money for ads, they have great targeting features.

The negatives of picking Facebook as your main source of traffic:
–Very costly
–Organic traffic reach is very low unless posts go “viral.”

3. Guest Posts – This is where you post articles on popular news sites like “Huffington Post” and even other smaller blogs in your niche for traffic and exposure.

The positives of picking Guest Posts as your main source of traffic are:
–Traffic is free.
–It’s fairly easy as all you have to do is write the article and submit it.

The negatives of picking Guest Posts as your main source of traffic:
–You don’t own the content anymore.
–It can be hard to get into if new to writing.
–The people who do visit your website will be a very small percentage compared to the people who read the article. It can still be quite a bit depending on the size of the website.

4. Pinterest – We like to call Pinterest peanut butter if blogging is jelly. They work so well together to drive lots of free traffic and it is the method we use.

The positives picking Pinterest as your main source of traffic are:
–Traffic is free
–Massive traffic potential, we drive 300k + views per month to our blog!
–Traffic is sustained because it is a search engine

The negatives of picking Pinterest as your main source of traffic:
–Takes time to master
–Takes a little extra time to create “pins”

Overall, if I had to list these in order of ranking for new bloggers, it would go:

1. Pinterest
2. Guest Posts
3. Google
4. Facebook

Pinterest has been a godsend for us and our blog. Especially the fact that we don’t pay any money for the massive amounts of traffic we get.

The real point I want to make is that whatever traffic platform you choose, dominate it.

The biggest mistake you can make as a newbie blogger is spreading yourself too thin and being mediocre at a lot of things.

I’ll end our 7-day journey with this:

If you focus your time on creating awesomeness the world wants and needs, you will be a very successful blogger.

Create awesomeness day in and day out, and you too will succeed like we have.

Final tip: we have created an entire course on how to dominate Pinterest and get more traffic to your blog.

It’s perfect for newbies to start getting serious traffic to their blogs and has a step-by-step system for getting you started.

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  • comment-avatar

    Do you recommend waiting to have X number of posts on my blog before I try to gain views? For instance, are there too little posts to have on my blog before trying to get views through Pinterest? Thanks!

  • comment-avatar

    Awesome info! Thanks. Just getting PurposeMall built so I appreciate the input.

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    very useful info thanks

  • comment-avatar

    What about twitter, is that good for promoting the blog?

  • comment-avatar

    what would be a good email to go along with a blog?

  • comment-avatar

    i would have to disagree on the Instagram comment. if you know how to use Instagram you can get an average of 50 people to view your site every month that is when you have under 1k follower on Instagram.
    that being say i do agree that Pinterest is much more stable a for the long run than Instagram

  • comment-avatar

    Hey Alex!! What do you think about Bloglovin for promoting your blog?

  • comment-avatar

    I was wondering how Pinterest was able to push that sort of blog traffic. The subtle key is the lack of video. I never thought of that!

  • comment-avatar

    Need to know more about Pinterest

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  • comment-avatar

    Great advice! If I have a blog without images can I still use Pinterest? If so how might I do that? Thank you so much!

  • comment-avatar

    Thank you. I'm starting a blog and I did not find a video with these tips in Portuguese, but how nice that I could understand with my basic English 🙂 … it was what I needed. hugs.

  • comment-avatar

    Alex I'm having problems driving traffic through Pinterest, any advice?

  • comment-avatar

    You guys are very smart. So am all over ur vids and blogs, ur welcome, but thank you also lol My question is, maybe my brain is overwhelmed with all the info but once I get trafic and followers how does that make me money? this doesnt garante that they will klick on my amazon links and purchase things, also how do I actually make money on pinterest just by views and trafic?

  • comment-avatar

    really helped! thank you!

  • comment-avatar

    it sounds like good idea. You have provided me a great help. I just started doing blogging on interviews and travel 40 days back at but sometimes I used to get confused about the source of traffice. You have provided me a great help.. God bless you

    Keep doing great work.. I am your fan now

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    Very informative information that I can apply.

  • comment-avatar

    I understand why you say Pinterest is good for a national field like health and fitness. But I started a community focused blog which gets a lot of free traffic from Facebook. But other than selling ads to local businesses and Google Adsense revenue I'm not sure how digital products can be monetized on a community website. I get almost no traffic from Pinterest. My traffic is coming from Facebook and LinkedIN. Do you have any suggestions on monetizing community blogs? My blog is in a subsection of NYC with little digital media competition right now.

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    Gread Advice, please i want you to check on my side and tell me what you think about it. can i get a traffic from Pinterest with my posts

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    Hoping this can reach you. Such a newbie! Embryonic to be sure. What words do I use to find out how to have your personal video 'in front' of the text outline??? With this is very much attention getting. HELP

  • comment-avatar

    what if start a fb page that is totally public and share blog stuff. I already share with my page but its kinda pvt

  • comment-avatar

    Thank's four the video. I have a problem wich is I can not show the search box at the ATML in my blog. When I press the CTRL+S the button It's Show me a special box to save (web page) in the desktop. What should I do to fix that.
    Knowing that I own windows 8

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    What you guys are doing is so selfless and kind. Thanks

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    What a great great videos …. ur channel are just the best best for the bloggers who are going crazy ?

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    Why didn't you mention Twitter?

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    I have a important question for you, is it possible to find out a low cost or budget way to make chanel videos?
    I want to start making videos, even live if possible but can't find any good information on the subject, the videos I have watched
    have these clowns that act like it is some kind of game. I do have a web cam hooked to my used desk top computer but am not
    sure how to make it work for videos. Do you have a tutorial on that subject?

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    404 error for your courses

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