Reddit Marketing: How to get HUGE Traffic from Reddit | Reddit Traffic Formula

Reddit Marketing: How to get HUGE Traffic from Reddit | Reddit Traffic Formula Reddit Marketing: How to get HUGE Traffic from Reddit | Reddit Traffic Formula. #howtogettraffic #reddittraffic

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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog or Website for FREE Reddit Marketing: How to get HUGE Traffic from Reddit | Reddit Traffic Formula.


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Every once in a while, a new source of traffic will become all the rage.

It’s like finding a new oil deposit. For a time, it’s kept a secret, but as soon as it becomes known, everyone wants a piece of it.

Reddit has become the latest oil deposit.

Marketers everywhere are trying to leverage the massive platform to build brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites.

For example, Ryan Luedecke was able to use Reddit to make $2,200 in revenue for his new beef jerky company.

But for every Ryan, there are many more who can’t seem to grasp how to harness the power of Reddit.

What Reddit is and why marketers should care about it is a website that was started in June of 2005.

Despite being just 10 years old, it is currently one of the biggest sites on the Internet.

Its global Alexa rank is 30.

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