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  1. Hello Alex,
    I was staying in a hotel last night while you were doing this Q&A and the live chat cut off half way through, not sure if it was the rubbish Wifi or there was a problem with the actual chat.
    Anyway I felt sorry for you whilst watching, you were getting all kinds of questions hurled at you and some of the people were extremely rude and impolite, others were obviously only looking to advertise their sites. I know you earn some money from YouTube but I doubt what you will earn from each of these Q&A's will make it worth the time you give up for them so I would not blame you if you stopped doing them especially when people are so ungrateful which is a real shame. If you do continue with them maybe you should limit the topic to a specific area such as themes, plugins, Amazon, traffic generation etc and get people to submit questions in advance. Hopefully that would reduce the pace and ferocity of the questions fired at you on the live chat to something more manageable.

  2. Hi. Your tutorials are great. My internet went down on me when I asked my question but is there a video I can watch that shows how to add products from numerous sites or other sites aside from Amazon. Amazon seems simple but is the process the same with other affiliate sites?