Publishing Email Success – Email Marketing for Amazon Publishers

Publishing Email Success – Email Marketing for Amazon Publishers

Product Name: Publishing Email Success - Email Marketing for Amazon Publishers Click here to get Publishing Email Success - Email Marketing

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Product Name: Publishing Email Success – Email Marketing for Amazon Publishers

Click here to get Publishing Email Success – Email Marketing for Amazon Publishers at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Your Step-by-Step Email Marketing Course for Long-Term Self-Publishing Success

“Publishing Email Success is the training wheels Kindle Publishers deserve for email marketing. It’s great training for building a following for any of your Kindle niches. By the time you’re done with the lessons in Marta’s course you’ll have a much better grasp on how to strategically utilize your books for your “backend” book funnel.”

“Marta really went above and beyond to provide you with everything you need to know about email marketing for kindle publishers. I have used a couple courses prior and I still learned a ton of new information. Great stuff!”

I am really fired up by Marta’s email marketing course. She teaches us how to set a clear vision and be ultra specific about what my niches want – something that I need have to work on right now. A lot of the mistakes she made early on (and wants you to avoid!) are what I also need to pay attention to, too. In fact, the mistakes that she used to make are what I am making now. I’m so glad that she pulls me back on track to avoid more loss down the road. She also teaches me how to communicate with authenticity and care in a systematic way. I love the fact that she gives us a roadmap to figure that out. After reviewing Marta’s course, I’m very motivated to revamp my email marketing strategy. And I have no doubt that her course will take my email marketing to the next level. If you want a program that will save your time and teach you how to enhance relationship with your audience, this is the great course to consider!

“I have been self-publishing on kindle for over 6 months now and I wanted to learn the more “long-term” approach for the business using email lists. I tried to figure it out on my own but it was way too confusing and none of the resources online was for specifically about building an email list for Kindle publishing, so when Marta made her course I knew I had to get it. The course was detailed, super easy to understand and laid out step by step so I was able to follow everything and set up my list correctly this time. Really appreciate it Marta!”

They don’t know their audience. Or they don’t have an audience. They have no idea who they create their books for. They do the exact same thing that everyone else is doing, and then they feel scared when sales go down. They don’t have any longevity strategy in place….They have no customer base (no email list!) and their publishing business is a never-ending struggle. Even if they do start an email list, it’s not targeted and they are not getting any results (I have been guilty of that too). They “swap reviews” on Facebook and don’t have a long-term strategy in place. They have no idea who they publish for. Or they’re looking for the latest “marketing trend,” and by doing that, they may end up spending more money than they actually make! Let’s stop the madness, we need to focus on making profit…

Having an email list is crucial for long-term success – all smart entrepreneurs and marketers know this. “The money is in the list.“

The problem is that it’s not just “list-building” the traditional way. You get as many emails as possible, and then what?

This way of thinking usually leads to very unengaged subscribers, low-quality newsletters, zero reviews, and no engagement. In other words, it’s a waste of time, money, and energy! If nobody opens your emails, what’s the point?

While many gurus tell you to start an email list, very few can actually teach you what to do with your subscribers once they have joined. You see, successful email marketing is all psychology, and this is exactly what I will teach you in this training. We will focus on proven email marketing strategies we need specifically for our business, which is self-publishing…

“Before I took Publishing Email Success I was trying to make sense of Email marketing for my Kindle business, I studied many different resources and I still felt confused! Marta’s course helped me understanding how to use Email marketing effectively.”

Michael Jak-

Let me tell you about myself…I am an online entrepreneur and bestselling author/publisher with over 3 years’ experience in Amazon Publishing.  I want to help people who are in this game for the long-term. We want true passive income, right? So let’s be pro’s. Self.Publishing is the best thing that I have ever discovered. I started from scratch, doing everything by myself and eventually was able to create a 6 figure company I can run from my laptop. It has also allowed me to help thousands of readers through my books. 5 years ago, I was broke and in a job I hated. Now, I have a business that is profitable and is also my passion. But it took me a long time to figure this stuff out…

On my journey to success I have encountered many setbacks…you see…I have struggled with book marketing, reviews,  or promo website submission. Just like I thought there must be a better way and a better system that having 27 VA’s run your biz. Or posting on social media…

Oh…yea reviews…and book launches….what an annoying problem.

So I decided to create my own email marketing system that would be all in one simple solution so that I could give my books (aka my babies) good launches.

Unfortunately, when I first got started on email marketing I made a ton of mistakes. And I was seeing very little results. If you are here, chances are you also have the same problem- nobody wants to subscribe, even though you added a “free eBoook” thing into your books. Nobody wants to leave you a review, even though you ask…or maybe you have no idea what emails to send and how to set up autoresponders the right way so that you can enjoy more time, money and freedom.

You see, why many gurus tell you what do to, very few tell you HOW to do it. Why? Some gurus simply have no clue. Then, some gurus and even very successful email marketers don’t want you to know this secret…Now, since I don’t want to come across as cheeky, I will tell you this secret right here, right now…

To be honest, I got obsessed with email marketing and spent endless hours experimenting so that I could create the best email marketing method specifically for my self- publishing business. A proven  method that can help you:

-get honest reviews from people who are actually interested in your books

-do epic book launches so that your books rank well on Amazon- all with sending out a few emails when you publish a new book

-rejuvenate your old books (I was called the Queen of Longevity for a reason, why do you think my bestselling books I wrote at the end of 2013 are still doing amazingly well? Email!)

-have an email list of raving fans who will tell you what they want to see in your new books (so that your new books sell better and get more organic reviews).

My life is so much easier now. I save money on promo websites, with a big email I get amazing cross-promo requests from other successful authors. I don’t need 27 VA’s to run my business. My profit margins are so much higher…Less cost. More profit. It’s as simple as that…

The good news? You don’t need to spend 2 years trying to figure it out the hard way like I had to.  And you don’t need to mindlessly add more people to your list. You can succeed with a smaller list as long as it is laser targeted. The best part? You can get subscribers for free to begin with,

You can do it all my way just by following this courser! I will show you step by step how to set it all up and most importantly how to follow up with your readers.

You’re very lucky. When I was first starting out there was no email marketing (kindle specific course) that could show me a proven blueprint to stick to.

I created it for you because it’s something I wish I had had when I was first starting out. I am here for you and inside the course you can ask me questions so that you avoid getting stuck and discouraged. Instead I want you to focus on what really matters to help you succeed faster.

With my list building and email marketing strategies, you will be able to get more international readers, sales, and reviews. It’s not just about We also want to be successful on Amazon UK, CA, and other constantly growing markets. You can easily launch a new book to people who are interested in what you have created! It will massively boost your rankings. Besides, for us, non-fiction publishers, it’s not only about kindle. We also must focus on Createspace and ACX that is less competitive and more profitable…

Start investing in new, hot markets. A few hundred extra dollars a month can add up to a few thousand a year to your profit! I’ll take it! This is possible when you start collecting emails from readers from outside the US…In this course, I will show you how to do it on autopilot. You will be surprised to see how powerful this can be and how it can add more dollars to your income…

I will teach you how to use autoresponders the smart way, so that you can leverage on the books you already have and sell more books in other formats (Createspace and ACX). Successful publishers don’t only think about Kindle. They think about Createspace and ACX (more profit margins). In 2016, I made 50 k passive income with Createspace alone. Also, keep in mind that thanks to email marketing, you will be getting many more ACX bounties! Most publishers overlook it…Which equals to leaving a few hundred bucks or more on the table. Not to mention ACX sales!

Old books not selling? Re-brand them! Just ask your email list what they prefer. Cover A, B, or C. Or maybe they don’t like the title. Maybe they want more information. Smart entrepreneurs follow the rule, “First markets, then marketing!” Then, you use email lists to rejuvenate your baby and make it a bestseller again. It’s so easy when you have your list(s) of raving fans willing to help you…

I will show you how to optimize your books with high-conversion opt-ins so that people can’t wait to get on your email list! It’s free Amazon traffic of people who already buy books on Amazon!

Few people know how to successfully add opt-ins into their paperback and audiobooks. I will help you solve this problem so that you can build your list faster! Mostly with free Amazon and pre-qualified traffic.

Exactly for Your  Self-Publishing Business…

How to pre-qualify your ARC team and automate the process

Segmentation & Follow-Ups

Learn what to send to whom and why. Think like a smart email marketer and quit “hoping”.

How to successfully set up autoresponders that work for you while you sleep and how to outsource to a VA (optional).

How to easily communicate with your readers for optimal conversions (more sales and reviews)

Get a better connection with your audience so that they get hooked on your books.

Easy and fast way to create a high-conversion opt-in offers your readers can’t resist.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Feel completely safe and secure as you place your order, knowing you can get a full refund at any time in the next 60 days if you decide the program isn’t for you.

“ Success is when you are in control. Through this course, I want to give you #freedom to  enjoy more time, profit, and peace of mind!.“

Here’s What You Get When You Order Today:

Plus These Amazing Bonuses:

A.I don’t have strong technical skills, either. As long as you are committed to long-term success, you can do it. Just follow the steps from the course.

A.This course is geared towards non-fiction authors and publishers since we base everything around solving problems in specific niches. However, you could still apply many technical aspects of this course to your fiction publishing business.

A.Yes, the recommended combo will be aWeber and LeadPages, however, you could start with Mail Chimp, which is free. I used this service as I was extremely poor when I was first starting out! You will also need a domain name, and I will show you the most effective and inexpensive way to do it.

A.As long as you understand your niche (and I will teach you the fastest way to get into their minds) and are willing to put in work, you’re good to go. All you need is a value-oriented mindset and a desire to serve your readers and create amazing books that help them solve specific problems.

A.My course is for existing publishers who have at least a few books (in the same series) published. In other words, this is for people who are not new to publishing and already have a ball rolling.

However, inside the course we also have a few kindle beginners and they are doing very well. As long as you are committed to your publishing process, you can take and implement my email marketing course simultaneously (and grow your “kindle marketing” muscle). However, my course won’t help you if you have published books that nobody wants, with poor titles, covers, keywords, content and descriptions. In that case, you will need to improve your publishing process first. Also, to achieve more success, you need to know your niche.

A.That is the wrong mindset. This course is not a magical solution and is only for people who are committed. Your success will depend on how much you’re willing to serve your audience and how much they will like you and your books.  If you do what I teach and your books are good, you can get a few hundred emails in one month (or more).  As long as these are targeted and you understand your market place, you will be able to start getting reviews pretty fast.

A.This will depend on the niche you are in and your demographic. However, the course will give you smart ideas about how you can monetize on your list. 99% of gurus overlook it or get it wrong, which makes you waste your precious time and focus.

A.I was able to create a 6k email long list and a 6-figure business without using paid traffic or Facebook ads. In fact, in the beginning, I recommend free Amazon traffic. However, at the end of the course, you will be given free resources to help you learn Facebook ads. You will be able to use your existing list (free Amazon traffic) to scale with Facebook ads. It depends on your vision and how much money you want to invest.

A.The course will show you how to determine what to focus on to begin with. Then, you will be able to replicate that with other niches (under other pen names). You will also learn how to create a brand under with which you can squeeze different pen names (if applicable). If you publish books under your own name, you will be able to use your list to offer coaching and other services if applicable. In this course, we will investigate different publishing models to make sure you choose what works for you and your business.

A.Good news, you don’t need a massive list to begin with. You can start seeing success (reviews and extra downloads) with as little as 300 subscribers as long as they are targeted and super engaged, and that is what I will show you in this course. So please, don’t get intimidated when you see other people’s big lists.

A.I had to learn this the hard way. In most cases, I do not recommend you start off with a blog. My recommendation is to focus on growing your email list first, mostly through free Amazon traffic. It is not necessary to start a blog right off the bat. This is something you can get into when you are certain about your niche. In this case it can be a great tool, but make sure you get the basics right first (this course will teach you how). I wish someone had told me this 3 years ago!

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Click here to get Publishing Email Success – Email Marketing for Amazon Publishers at discounted price while it’s still available…

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